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Brenda Silverberg BSc (Hons Chemistry), B.Ed

Master Tutor:
Chemistry and General Science


In her over 30 years of teaching and tutoring, Brenda has always held a deep passion for teaching and learning. Brenda uses a teaching style that easily adapts to fit diverse learning styles and maintains a great rapport with her students. She tutors high school general science and specializes in chemistry, including the AP and IB programs, where her students consistently achieve level 4 and 5. Brenda also tutors first year chemistry, specializing in the Ontario university curriculum. Brenda has experience tutoring chemistry for the MCAT, DAT and SAT II exams

Due to her extensive experience she has built up a comprehensive collection of support materials for her students. Her in depth knowledge of chemistry allows exploration of concepts at a deep level, which Brenda believes is the best way for students to experience success in chemistry!

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