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Dlin Academy provides premier elementary, high school and university tutoring services that result in high achievement of our students in all subjects. We offer one-on-one tutoring as well as group sessions.

Individually  Tailored
Ground Up
Multi -Tiered Learning
Able to Teach Others

At Dlin Academy our goal is mastery, and so our focus is on making learning the priority. Whether it is one of our seasoned Master Tutors, or one of our carefully selected subject specialists, each tutor is gifted in their subject area(s), with training, classroom experience, and proven exceptionalism in education. Our tutors are selected and trained to tailor their approach to the specific needs of each student.


We believe in a ground-up approach to content, so that students are equipped to grow beyond what they learn. In fact, it is our greatest reward when we hear that one of our students was able to use what they learned to help others in their class. For the greatest mastery of a subject comes not just from being able to score well on tests, but from being able to teach others – and of course, at that level, the test scores follow!


In our one-on-one sessions, we focus on the individual needs of the student to ensure that they reach their maximum potential and will always use multi-tiered approaches to help. Every student has their own learning style, and our tutors are trained to understand and leverage the learning styles of each student they work with. In our group sessions, we use the dynamic of the group to leverage the strengths of each student in order to encourage and facilitate the learning for everyone. Our goal with group sessions is for each student to have the opportunity to both learn and teach.

We offer virtual as well as in-person tutoring sessions.

We always make use of the latest technology to assist in the development and strengthening of the concepts we teach. We also offer specially tailored courses that often fill the gaps that can be created in the course of normal schooling.


Tutoring Rates:

At Dlin Academy we have two levels of tutors, depending on your needs and budget.

Subject Specialist Tutors
Our subject specialist tutors are student teachers, certified classroom teachers currently teaching, or industry experts using their understanding of academic concepts in a practical setting. All have classroom teaching experience, and have passed a rigorous interview process to meet the high standards of Dlin Academy. Additionally, each tutor participates in ongoing review and coaching from our Master Tutors.
Tutoring with one of our Subject Specialist Tutors starts at $100 per hour.

Master Tutor
Our Master Tutors are Ontario certified classroom teachers with anywhere from 5 to 30+ years
teaching experience, and a proven record of excellence working with students of all grades and
ability levels. They are also certified as specialists in their subject area. In addition to their
teaching degree, most have graduate degrees or doctorate degrees in their field of expertise. They are literally the best of the best in education.
Tutoring with one of our Master Tutors starts at $130 per hour.

We also offer group tutoring sessions and classes. Please inquire for details regarding the structure and cost.

Note that all fees are Canadian dollars

Academic Advising for High School and University Students

Understanding course pathways, navigating course selection, and preparing university applications can be a complicated and overwhelming process. At Dlin Academy are very proud of our program designed to help in this area. We provide the following academic advising services. Our academic advisors are certified Ontario guidance counselors with decades of experience guiding students toward achieving their goals in high school and university.

Grade 11 and Grade 12 - Post Secondary Planning
Students will work with us to better understand their interests and strengths and how to use this information to choose sound educational and career options for the future.  Learn relevant information in the post secondary journey, how to research in an organized manner and comprehend the application process.  We will ensure that students have a clear understanding of how to plan for and follow through on their post secondary applications.
Fee: $420 (2 sessions)

Grade 10 students - Course Pathways and Selection
We work with students to understand the high school journey, ensuring that they are aware of credit requirements and next steps to choose courses for gr. 11.  Students will learn how to plan for the rest of high school and work toward post secondary options by identifying their interests and passions.
Fee: $270 per session

Gr. 12 students - University Application Assistance
Need help applying to university or college?  No problem!  Stacia will help her students confidently apply to university or college from start to finish and answer their questions along the way.  
Fee: $270 per session


University/College students - Program/Major Changes 
Has your student chosen a post secondary program that doesn’t suit their interests and needs?  We will get to know your child, identify their interests and passions and work with them to reroute their post secondary path and take next steps to reapplying/transferring as needed.
Fee: $420 (2 sessions)

BBA/Commerce supplemental application guidance
We will support students as they navigate business school supplemental applications. We will work with the student to brainstorm ideas and effectively put them in writing.  With our calm and caring guidance, we will help her students generate a sound supplemental application they can submit with confidence.
Fee: $270 per session

Academic Advising
PD and Workshops

Professional Development, Speaking Engagements, Student Workshops

In addition to our premier tutoring services and group classes, Dlin Academy offers exceptional professional development and speaking engagements for educational institutions and conferences. These are available for both students and teachers, and delivered by our founder, Rich Dlin.

Rich has presented at numerous conferences, including multiple talks given at:

  • CMS (Canadian Mathematical Society) conferences

  • OAME (The Ontario Association for Mathematics Education) conferences

  • CEMC (The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing) conferences

  • Numerous professional development sessions at various high schools across Canada

Rich has also visited high schools both in Canada and internationally to work with students on problem solving techniques and investigating interesting and engaging concepts in mathematics.

Rich has had a deep and textured experience in math education, and makes an excellent resource for schools looking for insight into many areas of curriculum delivery and student engagement in mathematics. Here are some of the highlights of Rich's journey to date:

  • High School Mathematics Department Chair for 12 years.

  • Visiting Lecturer at The University of Waterloo for 2 years.

  • Cayley Math Contest development committee member for 5 years.

  • Ongoing Sessional Instructor at The University of Waterloo

  • Hundreds of high school visits to run problem-solving workshops with students in Canada, Singapore, Malaysia and China.

Contact us for more info on Workshops, PD and Speaking Engagements

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