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Why Choose Dlin Academy?

Dlin Academy is a premier tutoring service. We take the word premier very seriously - it infuses everything we do. We know that the tutor you choose will spend hours with your child, and we take that obligation very seriously.

For us, premier means:

  • Our team is comprised of the best of the best. Our Subject Specialists are selected carefully for their excellence in their subject area(s) and their ability to communicate with and nurture students, and  our Master Tutors are all experienced specialists with decades of classroom teaching and on-on-one tutoring experience.

  • Every tutor at Dlin Academy has had classroom experience teaching the material that we tutor. Many of us are currently full-time teachers.

  • All of our Master Tutors have undergraduate degrees in their area of expertise, as well as in education. Most also have graduate degrees. All of our Subject Specialist Tutors are studying in undergraduate programs in their field, or are recently graduated.

  • Our overriding desire is to see students reach their maximum potential as learners, and as human beings.

  • We believe that every minute we are working with our students should be time well-spent for the student, so that tutoring is a meaningful enhancement of the overall educational experience.


We work with a defined purpose, we embody our values, and our approach is carefully tailored to match our goals as educators.

Why DA?

Our Purpose

We have a vision of a world where education transcends the learning of subjects to the act of learning itself. 


Our mission is to equip students to become lifelong learners, realizing their potential and allowing them to contribute to the learning of others. 

Science Courses
Our Purpose
Our Values
Smiling Student in Lecture

Our Values

Understanding vs Rote Learning

Our tutors focus on understanding over rote learning, so that students can extend their learning beyond the scope of specific applications and questions.


Whole Student

Our tutors understand that they are working with complete and complex individuals, and actively tailor their interactions, explanations and approaches to match each student. We use patience, compassion and nuance to guide each student to their maximum potential.



We are passionate about our subject areas and also about our students' success. We embrace our love of learning, which is what makes learning fun!


Transparency and Trust

We believe that transparency fosters trust, and trust creates an environment where students feel safe to explore concepts without concern for being "wrong". This is critical to learning, so we take care to make sure that students always know why we are doing what we do when teaching concepts.

Our Approach

Individually  Tailored
Ground Up
Multi -Tiered Learning
Able to Teach Others

At Dlin Academy our goal is mastery, and so our focus is on making learning the priority. Each of our tutors is an expert in their field, with training and experience in education.


We believe in a ground-up approach to content, so that students are equipped to grow beyond what they learn. In fact, it is our greatest reward when we hear that one of our students was able to use what they learned to help others in their class. For the greatest mastery of a subject comes not just from being able to score well on tests, but from being able to teach others – and of course, at that level, the test scores follow!


We focus on the individual needs of the student to ensure that they reach their maximum potential and will always use multi-tiered approaches to help. Every student has their own learning style, and our tutors are trained to understand and leverage the learning styles of each student they work with.

We offer virtual and in-person tutoring sessions.


We always make use of the latest technology to assist in the development and strengthening of the concepts we teach. We also offer specially tailored courses that often fill the gaps that can be created in the course of normal schooling.

Experimenting in Lab
Our Approach

We believe all students, given the right educator, can achieve their goals both at school and in their larger lives.


Our Master Tutors and Subject Specialists are all highly exceptional, premier educators in each of their fields of expertise.  Beyond their mastery of the subject matter, each tutor takes a student-centric approach to learning that is tailored to the individual learner

Our Tutors

Rich Dlin
B.Math, B.Ed, M.M.T.

Founder and Master Mathematics Tutor

Rich believes that guiding young people along their path is one of the highest honours and greatest responsibilities, which is why he is drawn to education and why he has been so focused on improving the student experience.  


Rich's journey as an educator includes...

Matt Craig.jpg

Matt Craig
B.A.Sc, B.Ed, M.A.Sc

Master Tutor:

Matt has been a physics teacher for 14 years and has taught thousands of students in-class and one-on-one as a private tutor. His approach to education is to give students exciting and meaningful experiences – to help them learn in a context of what they love.


This is why he spends so much...

Mara Reich.jpg

Mara Reich
B.Transl, B.Ed, M.A., Ph.D

Master Tutor:

For over 20 years, Mara has been sharing her passion for languages with students of all ages. She has taught French, Spanish, and ESL at the secondary and university levels, both in public and private sectors. She is a native Spanish speaker and is fluent in French, English, and Italian...



Brenda Silverberg
B.Sc (Hons Chemistry), B.Ed

Master Tutor:
Chemistry and General Science

In her over 30 years of teaching and tutoring, Brenda has always held a deep passion for teaching and learning. Brenda uses a teaching style that easily adapts to fit diverse learning styles and maintains a great rapport with her students.


She tutors high school general science and also specializes in chemistry, including...

Paul Rose 3.jpg

Paul Rose B.A., B.Ed., M.A.
Master Tutor:
English, History and Philosophy

Whether teaching English, Drama, History or Theory of Knowledge, Paul believes what makes lessons valuable is the enhancement of critical thinking. His educational philosophy has always been ...

Marcel te Bokkel.jpg

Marcel te Bokkel
B.Math, B.Ed, M.M.T.

Master Tutor:
Mathematics and AP Calculus

What Marcel loves most about teaching is the opportunity it gives him to engage with young people, who continue to renew his faith in the potential of our future.

Marcel always marvels at how he is able to learn as much or more from his students as they do from him. He believes firmly in the notion that every person has something unique ...

Galina Kolesnikova.jpg

Galina Kolesnikova
B.Ed, M.Sc (Hons Mathematics)
Ph.D. in Math and Physics)

Master Tutor:
Bilingual Mathematics
(English and Russian)

Galina has been teaching high school students in Canada for almost 20 years at all levels: from Applied to Academic and Enriched math courses as well as the AP Calculus course. She also has ten years of experience teaching first year university students in Moscow, Russia.Galina believes in her students and knows that they can succeed in mathematics ...

Drorit Weiss.jpg

Drorit Weiss
B.Sc, B.Ed, M.M.T.

Master Tutor:
Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science

Drorit is a mathematics, physics and computer science teacher. As a former software engineer, she is a strong leader in online learning and an advocate of innovative technology use in the classroom.


Drorit has received much media attention for her creative Math/Science raps that can be seen on her YouTube channel, Slice of Weiss ...


Collin Roberts
B.Math, B.Ed, MMath, Ph.D. (Pure Mathematics)

Master Tutor:
Mathematics and Computer Science

Collin has had a lifelong interest in mathematics education. He is a graduate of the Math Teaching Option at the University of Waterloo. He also holds MMath and PhD degrees in Pure Mathematics from the University of Waterloo ...

Manuel Loloyan.png

Manuel Loloyan
B.Comm, M.Sc. MBA

Subject Specialist Tutor:
Business, Accounting, Economics

Manuel is a Multilingual and strategic leader with 10 years of professional experience in FP&A and analytical roles. He is a FP&A business leader/partner and financial modeler, and also lectures at Algonquin College in the International Business program ...

Nicole Blyuss.png

Nicole Blyuss

BA (Hons. Math) MA (Math)

Subject Specialist

Nicole’s childhood interest in solving challenging math problems have led her to pursuing a mathematics education and sharing her love for the subject with many students over the past 8 years. She recently earned her Master’s degree in Mathematics and Statistics, with a specialization in Probability Theory...

Stacia Wolle.png

Stacia Wolle
B.Soc.Sc, B.Ed (Guidance)

Academic Advisor

For almost two decades, Stacia has been a guidance counsellor and mental health educator in a private Toronto high school.  Her years of experience led Stacia to create multiple programs to help high school and university students to confidently navigate their educational journey ...

James Houle.png

James Houle

Candidate, B.Math
(Pure Mathematics & Teaching)
Subject Specialist Tutor:

James believes that everyone, no matter their background, has the ability to learn and understand math. To help everyone discover this ability, James is actively pursuing a career in teaching mathematics ...

Marni Phillipson.png

Marni Phillipson
Candidate, B.ScH (Mathematics and Physics), B.Ed.

Subject Specialist Tutor:
Mathematics and Science

Marni is an experienced tutor for students seeking support and/or enrichment in math from elementary school through university. She believes that, with customized guidance, every student can succeed in and enjoy math...

Daniel Enge.jpg

Daniel Enge
Candidate, B.ScH (Mathematics and Physics), B.Ed.

Subject Specialist Tutor:
Mathematics and Science

Daniel is an experienced tutor in mathematics and physics who believes in the accessibility of education. Through his passion for teaching ...

Anson Huang.png

Anson Huang
Candidate, B.Math
(Combinatorics & Optimization, Computational Mathematics)

Subject Specialist Tutor:
Mathematics and Science

Anson confidently believes that learning is a lifelong journey. He believes that offering support to fellow students is of great joy, as Anson has had many inspirational teachers in the past that enabled him to push himself in various disciplines ...

Elaine Novik.png

Elaine Novik
B.Sc (Hons Biology), M.Sc (Biology)

Subject Specialist Tutor:
Science and Mathematics

Elaine is an experienced tutor of STEM courses from elementary to university levels, specializing in biology, chemistry, and mathematics. Being a graduate herself with an MSc in biology from the University of Waterloo, Elaine has first-hand awareness of the challenges that come with being a student ...

Mani Thamizhazhagan.jpg

Aasaimani (Mani) Thamizhazhagan
Integrated M.Sc, Ph.D. (Pure Mathematics)

Subject Specialist Tutor:

Memories fade with time and lessons are forgotten, but experiences shape a human being and leave a lasting mark. And we, teachers, have the privilege and the responsibility of guiding early experiences and discoveries...

Tutor Optimizaton Strategies

Working with a tutor is a team effort, and at Dlin Academy we take this seriously. Knowing what to expect and what is expected makes the time spent with our tutors optimal. New and prospective parents and students should take the time to read through our strategies for using tutoring time effectively. 

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