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Matt Pinchuk BSc, MSc, MATL

Master Mathematics and Science Tutor
(English and French Immersion)

Matt Pinchuk.jpg

Matt is a lifelong learner and truly believes he can help his students develop that same passion. As a former genetic toxicologist, Matt has many years of experience working as a scientist but soon realized that his greatest strengths weren’t being utilized. He made the change to education and couldn’t be happier. He gets to do what he loves most, connecting with students and helping them achieve.

Matt is a subject matter expert in high school science and math. Living in Quebec, he is also capable of helping students that learn these subjects in French.

Matt also loves board games. He likes to use game-based learning and gamification approaches when he teaches, really engaging students in a fun and interactive way. If you need recommendations for your family, feel free to ask him!


Matt P
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