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Mara Reich B.Transl, B.Ed, M.A., Ph.D

Master Tutor: Languages

Mara Reich.jpg

For over 20 years, Mara has been sharing her passion for languages with students of all ages. She has taught French, Spanish, and ESL at the secondary and university levels, both in public and private sectors. She is a native Spanish speaker and is fluent in French, English, and Italian.In Mara’s teaching practice, the utmost priority is the development of all four language skills-—writing, reading, speaking, and listening. Providing students with an array of opportunities that allow for an authentic, dynamic, and purposeful interaction is also central to her second language teaching methodology.

As a result, material is tailored to fit the needs of diverse students with emerging communicative skills, placing special emphasis on individual strengths and interests.

Mara holds a PhD in Education from York University, an MA in Spanish Language and Culture from the University of Salamanca, a Bachelor of Education from Université de Saint-Boniface, and a Bachelor of Translation from ISD Argentina. She is an Ontario Certified Teacher and a Certified Translator (ATIM).

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