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Nicole Blyuss

BA (Hons. Math/AcSci), MA (Math)
Subject Specialist

Mathematics Tutor

Nicole Blyuss.png

Nicole’s childhood interest in solving challenging math problems have led her to pursuing a mathematics education and sharing her love for the subject with many students over the past 8 years. She recently earned her Master’s degree in Mathematics and Statistics, with a specialization in Probability Theory. She also obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, specializing in Actuarial Science and graduated with First Class with Distinction.

 She also holds a Financial Engineering Diploma from the Schulich School of Business. Nicole has vast teaching and community outreach experience, having led several calculus tutorials at York University and helping numerous students succeed in their mathematics courses. She also prepared and presented several seminars to Master’s and PhD students on effective teaching practices for decoding complex mathematical problems to help students be successful in solving them.

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