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Rich Dlin B.Math, B.Ed, M.M.T.

Founder and Senior Master Mathematics Tutor


Rich believes that guiding young people along their path is one of the highest honours and greatest responsibilities, which is why he is drawn to education and why he has been so focused on improving the student experience.  


Rich's journey as an educator includes university lecturer, international lecturer, high school teacher and math department head.  He has undergraduate and graduate degrees in mathematics from the University of Waterloo and a degree in education from the University of Western Ontario.

Rich has worked with literally thousands of students both in class and one-on-one, helping them to realize their full potential in mathematics success – a potential often far exceeding the students’ own expectations. He is passionate about the joy of learning and has found that the study of mathematics is a perfect path to discovering that joy.

Rich believes that the threefold essence of a strong teacher is passion for learning, for students, and for the subject matter. He therefore works to teach and model all three of these, along with a good dose of humour to establish humanity.

The depth of experience and introspection available through the study of mathematics is profound, and this, coupled with constant scrutiny of his ability to communicate it to a range of personalities, learning styles, and innate interest and ability levels, informs his approach as an educator.

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