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Students Taking Note

Alex Gouchtchina

Mathematics Student at University of Waterloo

I was lucky enough to be one of the students that Rich Dlin taught in my first year at the University of Waterloo. Without getting too much into my personal story, let’s just say I could have dropped out of school if it wasn’t for Professor Dlin's incredible knack for teaching and his dedication to ensure that any student who wants to - will succeed. 


He framed his material in a way that was so simple to understand. He put tremendous effort into his slides, visual graphics, examples, and solutions in a way that no other professor had. There was a clear thought process and that helped us all reach individual “Eureka” moments throughout class. 


Another thing that struck me was his desire to get to know students on a personal level. A few days before class started all of his sections were sent an email where Rich told us a little bit about himself, where he comes from, and some of his philosophies. Students were then given the opportunity to respond back and introduce themselves starting an amazing dialogue that helped Professor Dlin take a personal approach to teaching - even with classes of over 150 students. 


I regularly came to office hours and sat at the front - something I didn’t do in any other class. Why? Because I felt listened to, heard, and as if my personal success in mathematics actually mattered to someone. Rich and I talked about everything from how calculus was invented, to our common passion for musical theatre and he made sure to build bonds with anyone who came knocking on his door. 


Rich Dlin is a brilliant mathematician with a love for the subject and that so clearly translates in the way that he teaches his students. He spends so much time dissecting each topic and picking the best way to present it. So even if you have no previous understanding of the day's subject - you come out of class with Rich eager to jump on google, watch 3Blue1Brown on youtube, or actually pick up a textbook. Crazy right? 


In hindsight, Professor Dlin is one of the reasons I consider myself a successful student today. I’ve learned not only integral mathematics from him, but also life lessons I carry with me every day. 


A phenomenal mathematician, and a teacher first. If you want to learn about math, and gain the proper techniques to conquer it - Richard Dlin is undoubtedly your first resource for success.

Ido Citrin

Tutoring Student

Mr. Dlin is able to break down complicated concepts in the least intimidating way. Math has never been my strong suit and I was struggling a lot in school. Mr. Dlin’s tutoring was incredibly helpful. He teaches in a very special and engaging way. I’ve never been taught math in such an effective way as this. Thanks Mr. Dlin!

Students Taking Exams
Carly S
Stack of Books

Carly S

High School Tutoring Student

Mr. Dlin tutored me for two years, when I was attending grades ten and eleven at TanenbaumCHAT. He tutored me in Principles of Mathematics and Functions.


I went to his house for one hour a week. I came prepared with questions from both my teachers' lessons and from homework I was given. Using written materials, his computer and whiteboard, he helped me see different ways of understanding and solving the problems, often using real-life examples and analysis.


He was always encouraging and supportive, and very accommodating if I had to email him additional questions from home. He was also flexible if I had to reschedule tutoring lessons. With his support, I was very successful and received over a 90 average both years.


I would definitely recommend Mr. Dlin as a tutor.

Rene E.


Rich is an exceptional pedagogue and teacher.

He is driven by his passion to teach children complex mathematical concepts. With dedication, patience, and care Rich helped my daughter to rise to the challenges presented to her, and thanks to his work with her she ended up succeeding with flying colours in high school. 


We believe all students, given the right educator, can achieve their goals both at school and in their lives

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