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Individually  Tailored

Every student has their own learning style, and our tutors are trained to understand and leverage the learning styles of each student they work with.

Ground Up

We believe in a ground-up approach to content, so that students are equipped to grow beyond the concepts they cover in class.

Multi -Tiered Learning

We focus on the individual needs of the student to ensure that they reach their maximum potential and will always use multi-tiered approaches to help.

Able to Teach Others

A strong indication of comprehension is when students become the teacher, helping others with the concepts learned at Dlin Academy.


The final stage is where our students can teach others, achieve incredible test scores and can apply and extend the concepts in varied situations.

Our Approach
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Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.


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What people say

"Mr. Dlin is able to break down complicated concepts in the least intimidating way. Math has never been my strong suit and I was struggling a lot in school. Mr. Dlin’s tutoring was incredibly helpful. He teaches in a very special and engaging way. I’ve never been taught math in such an effective way as this. Thanks Mr. Dlin!"


Ido Citrin

High School Math Student

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